Location #8 on the Oxford Studio Tour

Surprise!  Bet you’ve been waiting for this all day… and then went to bed.  And now it might be tomorrow.  Sorry about that, thought we had today all taken care of, but we were mistaken.  This one is worth the wait, though.  FOUR artists in one place!  These artists are not in their home studios but at the Station Arts Centre in Tillsonburg.  Some of them (like Deb, another of our tour organizing people) do their best work there though (i.e. pottery AND running the place).   This is a great bunch of artists.

We thank the Station for being our ‘umbrella’ organization!



Station Arts Centre, 41 Bridge St. W Tillsonburg

Deb Beard deb raku 2 2015

Sculpted and thrown ceramic works.






Tabitha Verbuyst  tabithaverbuyst2

Mixed media works using ink, watercolour and acrylics, capture beauty in the damaged, unique and forgotten.






Jason Puhr  puhr1sm

Textures, techniques and materials combine to tickle your imagination and ignite your senses.





Jared Smith  jared smith 1

Mixed media landscapes and satire on weathered wood and metal.



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