Location #9 on the Oxford Studio Tour

Well, WordPress tells us NO ONE saw the last post.  How is this possible?  Aren’t you wonderful people all subscribing and sharing the fantastic talent in Oxford County?  We are surprised at you.  Next time we come back to post something, we are hoping you will have remedied this situation.  Artists need help you know.  Otherwise they STARVE.

Here we are with four artists again, and a great variety, all at one stop.  And you should really go there because we happen to know it is a great place and these are such nice people!  Not to mention the art is fantastic.  You will be glad you went.



404716  Beaconsfield Rd.   Burgessville

Linda Yeoman  yeoman 2

Unique gourd sculptures retaining organic integrity and mixed media washi & vintage collages.







Heather MacIntosh, A.O.C.A.  heathermacintosh1sm

Dramatic landscapes in watercolour and innovative mixed media collages.



Frankie Armitage  frankie armitage

Original paintings in acrylic and oil in a variety of styles and subject matter.





Kristi Osinga  OsingaKristi1sm

A complement of watercolour and natural colours including coffee and walnut ink on canvas and paper.



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