Tour is happening starting tomorrow!

Having just been alerted today about an accidentally pinned post on our blog on the site, which was from last year, we would like to reassure everyone that no cancellation has occurred and we are all set to welcome you tomorrow and Sunday.

These accidents happen! Hopefully no one has been misled. Thank you to Heather, a conscientious site visitor, for letting us know!

OST 2019 Deadline Approaching

Hello to all the artists out there in Oxford County… hope you’ve been creating happily.

In case it has slipped your mind, the deadline for next spring’s Oxford Studio Tour is fast approaching – only one week away!  To all those who have already applied, thank you.  To the rest of you, time to download the application from the Artists’ Application page and get some good photos together of your beautiful work.  We look forward to working with you!

Oxford Studio Tour Application Deadline is Approaching

To all of our subscribers who are artists interested in being on the Oxford Studio Tour next year, this is just a friendly reminder that the application deadline is October 20.  That’s only two days away!  Applications will not be accepted later than that date.

Don’t forget, you could experience the fun of  studio touring in November by visiting Otterville on the weekend of November 18 & 19.  Welcome Back to Otterville is coming up!

Best wishes for a beautiful fall and winter.


Application for the 2018 tour

We who organize the Oxford Studio Tour hope you are having a very creative summer!  As a subscriber of our blog you are the first to receive the following news:  The application for our 2018 tour is now available on the site!  Deadline for receipt of your application is October 20, 2017.  Don’t wait too long, as we have a limited number of stops on our tour!

Location #17

Now it’s 8 am the day of!  And last, but certainly not least, our final stop on the tour.  Of course, maybe this will be your first stop, or your middle stop.  Just make sure you stop!  You don’t want to miss it.  Get out there and have a great time touring today and/or tomorrow.  It’s a beautiful day and we are excited to greet you.



City View Farm, 565038 Karn Rd.,  Woodstock

Keri Axon  Keri Axon Studio Tour 2016sm

Decorative pottery  –  wheel–thrown or hand built.  “I love the way porcelain responds to glazes.”



Kate Innes  kate innes2

Bold strokes of colour add depth and dimension to acrylic paintings on canvas.


Location #13 on the Oxford Studio Tour

You don’t need an appointment this weekend to see Michael’s art, nor anyone else’s on the tour!

Michael is an accomplished watercolour artist who does very nice representational pieces.  A few years back he branched out with his art and began experimenting with these large acrylic abstracts.  It’s up to you to decide which are your favourites!



26 King Crescent, Hicksonmichael de bellevalsm

Michael de Belleval

Large acrylic abstracts, along with realistic watercolours.  Studio open by appointment.