Location #7 on the Oxford Studio Tour

As if you needed more reasons to get to Otterville – just outside of town there is the studio of the founder herself, and she hosts our good friend who designs the brochures and posters for the tour.  Core people!!

You should really mark your calendars now if you haven’t already (April 30 & May 1), and have a look at the map of the whole tour.



165548 New Road, Otterville

Sue Goossenssnowed in (800x572)

A distinct watercolour style….. Gallery in her home is open all year by appointment.



Rhonda Franks Franks Cardinal LRsm

Realistic wildlife and nature paintings in acrylic and watercolour with beautiful attention to detail.



Location #6 on the Oxford Studio Tour

At the south end of the county is one single artist with several different styles.  You might be surprised they are all hers!  And her studio is only a stone’s throw from the lovely and historic Otterville Mill and the waterfall over the dam.

Did we mention Lianne is also the one who prepares the website each year?



229 Main St. W.,  Otterville

Lianne Todd

Vivid watercolours and digital art reflecting nature’s patterns with depth and unique vision.


liannetodd.wordpress.com & fractaliart.com

Location #5 on the Oxford Studio Tour

Get out to the countryside, pick up some art from the countryside, (while you’re at it, go buy some cheese) and bring it home.  Now you can stay on the couch and visit the countryside!

A big thank you to ALL of our tour sponsors!



445574 Gunn’s Hill Rd.  Woodstock

Janice MarshallMarshall.2. caught in the crosshairssm

The awesome powers of nature captured in photographic art bring the countryside home to you!



Location #1 on the Oxford Studio Tour

If you are unfamiliar with our tour, please visit our Home page.  We will be posting a location per day leading up to the tour on April 30 and May 1.  Follow us, like us, or share us, find us on Facebook if you want to!  Or, if you’d rather not be bombarded with more reminders… just mark your calendar and come out on the tour!!


MAPcressman weiss

936946 Blenheim Road (Oxford Rd. 43), Route 1, New Dundee

Jan Cressman-Weiss

Realistic landscapes and florals.  Classes for adults and children.  Commissions welcome.


Our new website!

Hello everyone,

We have just switched over to this new website, and while this blog part is not its main feature, we hope you’ll follow so that you have the most up to date news about the tour and its artists.  We also hope you will share our site using any accounts you have at your fingertips, so we can reach as many people in the south western part of Ontario as possible.  We are visual artists, and as such we need people to actually see our art.  That’s what this tour is for, and your help bringing people out to it is much appreciated!