May 6 & 7, 2023

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Oils * Acrylics * Watercolours * Mixed Media * Graphite * Pottery * Pen and Ink * Jewellery * Photography * Weaving * Metal Works * Digital Art * Gourds * Fibre Arts * Encaustic

Brochures will be available early April 2023

Tourism Oxford,   580 Bruin Blvd,  Woodstock,  ON,   N4V 1E5

Ingersoll Creative Arts Centre,   125 Centennial Ln,  Ingersoll,  ON,   N5C 3V3

Station Arts Centre,   41 Bridge. St. W.,   Tillsonburg,  ON,   N4G 5P2

Early Bird coffee:  2 locations (these will be open during tour, also):

375 Dundas St N4S 1B6  & 815 Juliana Dr #3 Woodstock Ontario

or you may request one from any of the artists.

We know businesses who previously allowed us to put brochures at their locations may be unable to do so this time, because of new procedures due to the pandemic.  Please do not count on finding the brochures anywhere except at the above locations.


Artists and Studios by Location 2023


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Application deadline to be on the 2023 tour was October 24, 2022.

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Clicking on the image below takes you to the Video posted on our Oxford Studio Tour Facebook Page for the 2019 tour a few years ago:

Website updated yearly and managed by Lianne Todd.

A sincere thank you to our kind tour sponsors:

The Elm Hurst
Pedlar’s Quay
Gunn’s Hill
Morgan Realty
Early Bird Coffee
BNG Bossy Nagy Group

(Please visit our sponsor page for links to their websites!)



5 thoughts on “

  1. Sue Bramall says:

    If we are new here, how would we know another artist to be a guest of. Perhaps is there a list of artists who are open to mentor in new artists?
    Thank you


    • oxstutour15 says:

      Hello Sue,
      Apologies for not seeing your question until just now! Your best bet might be to go on the tour this year (this weekend) and get a feel for where you think you might be a good fit. We don’t have a list, but on the application you can indicate you’d need a mentor, and others will indicate they are willing to have a guest exhibitor. Our organizers can then help coordinate a location with you.


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