12 thoughts on “Artists’ Application

  1. Vonnie Snyder says:

    I am very interested in being a part of the 2018 studio tour. Do the photos need to be of work that will be for sale or are they just representative of the work that we do? I have sold some pieces that are good examples of my work. Thank you.


  2. oxstutour15 says:

    It would be best if they were of work that is very representative of the body of work that will be for sale, but we do not expect you to have the specific pieces available. (Customers might though, and we try not to disappoint them). Sorry for the delay in replying, for some reason we weren’t notified of this comment. In future it may be best to use the contact form. 🙂


  3. Alex Smith says:

    My name is Alex Smith. You probably know Kathy Groulx. She work for use for 13 years in our photo studio. Now retired I am needing to exhibit my wood working which involves 20 plus years of turning and projects such as cutting boards. I work with mostly unique wood to create one of a kind pieces. No copy or bowl saver work is done.
    I live in Sweaburg south of Woodstock but Kathy suggested the Ingersoll might have a space.
    My phone number is 519-456-6656 or 226-883-0205


    • oxstutour15 says:

      Hi Alex,
      Good to hear from you. Please download and print the application at the link above (Click on Oxford Studio Tour 2019 application in the text on the page Artists’ Application where you commented). Applications are due on the 19th so as soon as possible would be best. All of the info we need can go on there (and of course we need photos) and you can just put on the application that you need a space to display in. We can probably work something out, but all applicants are juried in so we do need your application. Thanks!


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