Location #17

Now it’s 8 am the day of!  And last, but certainly not least, our final stop on the tour.  Of course, maybe this will be your first stop, or your middle stop.  Just make sure you stop!  You don’t want to miss it.  Get out there and have a great time touring today and/or tomorrow.  It’s a beautiful day and we are excited to greet you.



City View Farm, 565038 Karn Rd.,  Woodstock

Keri Axon  Keri Axon Studio Tour 2016sm

Decorative pottery  –  wheel–thrown or hand built.  “I love the way porcelain responds to glazes.”




Kate Innes  kate innes2

Bold strokes of colour add depth and dimension to acrylic paintings on canvas.



Location #16 on the Oxford Studio Tour

It’s 8 pm the night before…. and it’s been a busy day for all of us artists.  Look how many of them are at location #16!  This place is full of experienced talent.  You should really have a piece of work from each of them at your house.  We would say so much more, except it’s 8 pm the night before and we still need to post one more location!!




868 Nellis St., Woodstock

Cathy Groulx O.S.A.  Groulx1

Realistic oil paintings on canvas. Studio in home open all year, with commissions welcome.






Bruce Hartley   Hartley B 1sm

Fine art photography reflecting a passion for travel.  “See the world through my lens”.






Ruth Hartley   Hartley R 2sm

Functional stoneware and decorative pieces – uniquely styled mugs, bowls, platters, vases, and ovenware.






Rita Milton  rita milton1sm

Acrylics on canvas featuring a kaleidoscope of colour.



Location #15 on the Oxford Studio Tour

Only a couple of days left!  We are excited to have your eyes on our art this weekend.  We hope you’ve managed to pick up a brochure somewhere so you have a handy reference and map while you are driving around, but if you haven’t, simply start at one of our studio locations, and pick up a brochure there.  For your convenience, each location on our website has a google map associated with it for you, and if you go to the home page, there is also a link to a google map of the whole tour.

You really should take in Kelly’s beautiful watercolours while you are out on the tour.  This artist has some serious skills.


MAPkelly bradley1sm

63 Vansittart Ave.  Woodstock

Kelly Bradley

Bright and bold watercolours depicting nature.



Location #14 on the Oxford Studio Tour

And now the tour brings you around to Woodstock!  You can, of course, do the tour in any order you like, and visit as many or as few locations as you like.  Who are we to dictate how you enjoy it?

Julie has a very strong and educated sense of design and colour, which shows in her wonderful abstracts.  You won’t be disappointed!


MAPJulie Hawkins - Thunder in the Heavens-1sm

1033 Pattullo Ave. Unit 10,   Woodstock

Julie Hawkins

Original art made with passion and paint.



Location #13 on the Oxford Studio Tour

You don’t need an appointment this weekend to see Michael’s art, nor anyone else’s on the tour!

Michael is an accomplished watercolour artist who does very nice representational pieces.  A few years back he branched out with his art and began experimenting with these large acrylic abstracts.  It’s up to you to decide which are your favourites!



26 King Crescent, Hicksonmichael de bellevalsm

Michael de Belleval

Large acrylic abstracts, along with realistic watercolours.  Studio open by appointment.



Location #11 on the Oxford Studio Tour

Oh dear, seven locations left to cover and only four more days to blog until the tour this weekend.  How did this happen?

This artist is known for her depictions of the beautiful Canadian Shield, especially as it exists in Killarney Provincial Park, where she spends as much time as she can.  These are truly lovely to behold.  Don’t miss this stop!



363 Oxford Avenue,  Ingersoll

Danielle GardnerGardner_GraniteRidgeHawkCliffsm

Legacy artist of the Group of Seven, painting the Ontario landscape.  Commissions/lessons available.



Location #10 on the Oxford Studio Tour

Yikes.  Has it been two days since we posted?  So it has.  Artists have a warped sense of time, you know.  I’m sure if you personally know any artists, you’ll agree with us.  But then again, we are very busy right now getting ready for this tour!!

This location has some really interesting media – check out all of the descriptions here.  These are some things you are going to want to get a nice personal look at.  And the setting at this location is really pretty – once you cross the train tracks in the driveway, you are approaching the bank of part of a river/pond which the property looks over.


MAP Note: Railroad tracks cross the driveway.  You may wish to park in the area to the left of the driveway between the road and the tracks, for safety when leaving so you don’t have to back  your vehicle across the tracks.

584591 Beachville Rd.  Beachville

Lesley Penwill penwill3sm

Wire jewellery in exciting configurations of semi-precious stones,  hand textured metals and  beautiful beads.





Paulette Robertson  robertson3jpgsm

Whimsical clay artist who has recently developed a passion for wool and primitive rug hooking.







Maggie Robinson Robinsongrab

Fibres, beads and paint – a day without creating is like a day without sunshine.







Janet Whittington whittington6sm

Timeless artisanal jewellery using precious metal clay, 24 k gold, sterling silver and semi-precious stones.

Location #9 on the Oxford Studio Tour

Well, WordPress tells us NO ONE saw the last post.  How is this possible?  Aren’t you wonderful people all subscribing and sharing the fantastic talent in Oxford County?  We are surprised at you.  Next time we come back to post something, we are hoping you will have remedied this situation.  Artists need help you know.  Otherwise they STARVE.

Here we are with four artists again, and a great variety, all at one stop.  And you should really go there because we happen to know it is a great place and these are such nice people!  Not to mention the art is fantastic.  You will be glad you went.



404716  Beaconsfield Rd.   Burgessville

Linda Yeoman  yeoman 2

Unique gourd sculptures retaining organic integrity and mixed media washi & vintage collages.







Heather MacIntosh, A.O.C.A.  heathermacintosh1sm

Dramatic landscapes in watercolour and innovative mixed media collages.



Frankie Armitage  frankie armitage

Original paintings in acrylic and oil in a variety of styles and subject matter.





Kristi Osinga  OsingaKristi1sm

A complement of watercolour and natural colours including coffee and walnut ink on canvas and paper.



Location #8 on the Oxford Studio Tour

Surprise!  Bet you’ve been waiting for this all day… and then went to bed.  And now it might be tomorrow.  Sorry about that, thought we had today all taken care of, but we were mistaken.  This one is worth the wait, though.  FOUR artists in one place!  These artists are not in their home studios but at the Station Arts Centre in Tillsonburg.  Some of them (like Deb, another of our tour organizing people) do their best work there though (i.e. pottery AND running the place).   This is a great bunch of artists.

We thank the Station for being our ‘umbrella’ organization!



Station Arts Centre, 41 Bridge St. W Tillsonburg

Deb Beard deb raku 2 2015

Sculpted and thrown ceramic works.






Tabitha Verbuyst  tabithaverbuyst2

Mixed media works using ink, watercolour and acrylics, capture beauty in the damaged, unique and forgotten.






Jason Puhr  puhr1sm

Textures, techniques and materials combine to tickle your imagination and ignite your senses.





Jared Smith  jared smith 1

Mixed media landscapes and satire on weathered wood and metal.